For more than 20 years, Ishlat as provided companies with unparallel and examplary level of tax and business services.

ISHLAT CONSULTANTS was registered on the 24th of January 1995 as a management consultancy firm that specialises in tax advisory (interpretation and application of the tax laws e.g., the Personal Income Tax Act and the Companies Income Tax Act, as well as other related extant statutes), compliance monitoring, remittance adequacy check and advisory, regulatory compliance, financial advisory and training.

Our services are adapted, within international best practices, to suit our valued customers in both the private and public sector value-chain in Nigeria. Our firm has in-depth knowledge of finance and tax and a staffing of qualified professionals with track record of excellent service delivery and experience, spanning decades of tax practice and administration in Lagos State, and Nigeria as a whole. Our partners and management team are drawn from long standing professional careers in allied disciplines to form a synergy of technical competence. Each of these partners brings to the team, differentiated, yet complimentary professional exposures and reputation of excellence in their respective field of endeavour.

This professional wherewithal and flagship insignia is what confers on us an advantage in service delivery that places us an edge above the rest in taxation and allied professional services. We render professional services to clients in our many engagements with deft and diligence, and on it, we place an added assurance and guaranty of result-oriented performance and value for service. Our services are powered on external as well as in-house-developed financial packages (technology-based electronic packages, e.g., accounting and on-demand tax software) to offer the best possible financial solution to meet our client’s most critical and complex needs.

We intend therefore to deploy all this experience and expertise to use, to improve tax collection in Lagos State, working with your Agency, within the ambit of our professional engagement.