Why Ishlat Consultants?

The success at Ishlat can be attributed in large parts to the team of prefessionals who provide with passion the highest quality professional services. An Ishlat professional is committed to being a leader in their respective chosen field, offering their expertise and guidance, and delivering highly customized solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. At Ishlat we aim and motivate you to grow in your respective fields.

The growth of young graduate is at the heart of Ishlat, its our passion to see people grow from the begining of the careers to becoming world class professionals and to hopefully lead their various areas of expertise and interest.

Be Part of Something Big!

We might not be classiefied as part of the big for but Ishlat Consultant is a Nigerian leading tax and business advisory expert and we continue to employee world class professionals and graduates

Looking to Start Your Career?

Wherever you join us, you’ll be part of an organisation that will help your career move forward, with training, ongoing development and the opportunity to gain transferable skills. We believe in creating a working environment that is full of various learning experiences, bringing together individuals from many different backgrounds an tribes to give fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Please visit our how to apply section to check our current openings and to apply for any opening that might be. We know that you are the calibre of candidates that we look forward to hearing from.