Our team of dedicated business advisory professionals are focused on helping our clients improve their business process through the use the most current, effective and efficient technologies. We are able to provide overhaul of accounting systems where we deem a company requiring one and hence introduce new accounting systems and book keeping methodologies that will better aid their financial processes.

We also offer management restructuring advisory service as we are believers of having the right organisational structure. We would help you instil a culture that promotes quality and good service delivery while managing changes without disruption to your organisation and other key stakeholders. Our team of dedicated business integration professionals are focused on helping our clients improve their business process through the use the most effective and efficient technologies. This team specializes in developing and implementing system solutions, which improve efficiency of our clients.

Our approach is to help our clients customize and implement better business solutions that blend with their processes to achieve strategic business goals while gearing them towards better methodologies and technologies where we aid them in deploying cutting-edge information technology geared towards enabling them manage their businesses better.

Financial Audit and Investigation: We conduct audit and investigation tailored to meet international best practices and Generally Accepted Auditing Practice (GAAP).

Statutory Audit: We conduct statutory audit in Compliance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990, the Personal Income Tax Act 2004 as amended, Companies Income Tax Act, etc.

Forensic Audit and Investigation: This specialized investigation helps limit the exposure of stakeholder i.e., creditors, equity holders, regulatory bodies and Government Revenue Collection Agencies, etc., to manipulations in financial account presentation and reporting by understating accounting estimates used in the preparation of the Financial Statement.

We provide tax advisory and planning services for corporate bodies, individuals and government at all levels (e.g. is our standing as Tax Audit Monitoring Agents to State Inland Revenue Service).

We also provide statutory advisory (i.e. interpretation and application of the tax laws e.g., the Personal Income Tax Act and the Companies Income Tax Act, as well as other related extant statutes).

Along side we provide tax compliance, monitoring and advisory services, which include remittance and adequacy check monitoring. We also help monitor tax returns and processing of Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) for businesses and individuals.

Our Tax advisory service is based on years of expertise which we are able to bring to your business by giving you current interpretation of current tax laws as well as other related extant statutes.

We also provide staff training on preparation and interpretation of financial statements prepared using the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and current technologies to aid business practices. We also provide training on the use of current accounting software pakages such as SAP, SAGE, Quickbook and many other enterprise resource planning softwares.